Insight Firearms Written Testimonials

I have been a Firearms Instructor for over 50 years. Retired from the LUMPD after 18 years, where I trained over 3,000 recruits in the use of pistol, rifle and shotgun. Your instruction techniques and training aid use was outstanding. Better than the training I ever did as a teacher. Both of you are to be commended. It was a class act. I was in Law Enforcement twice and went through weapons and CCW training, and nothing compared to Matt’s course! In two days, I am shooting better, more accurately, and with greater confidence than I have ever done before. This course is worth every penny. On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 12!

F.W. Filkins, Prescott, AZ

Matt Seibert’s course is outstanding. It combines and balances mental and physical training in a unique and extraordinary way. I’ve shot the worlds best courses including the Israeli Anti-Terrorism facilities, and Matt’s approach surpasses them all. Few instructors get to the unconscious skill level. Matt does it in fine fashion from the very first hour.

Tom Halstead, Prescott Valley, AZ

The only training I’d had was what we received at PJ school. We shot about 800 rounds a piece there, and in this training I learned more in the first day! This training will also transfer to a lot of other things we do. This is great mind conditioning!

Kenneth R. O., US Air Force Para Rescue, Davis-Monthan

My accuracy had improved from the time I walked from the first class to the range. Every course after was a bonus!

Stephen R S., US Air Force Para Rescue, Davis-Monthan

This class was educational, motivating and fun. The only thing wrong was that we only booked three days! Next time it will be for a week!

Ivan E., US Air Force Para Rescue, Davis-Monthan

When I came to Matt’s class, I was very skeptical. After the first hour I was mesmerized. Time flew by as Matt took the class through an unforgettable journey of information guided by the entertaining visual aid of his Power Point presentation. The range experience was incredible. I never believed I could shoot “one”- hole groups….He had the whole class doing that within the first hour. Now I feel like I can’t miss! What an informative, confidence building and life enhancing experience.

Mike Weaver, Lake Havasu, AZ

I’ve had over 50 years of shooting, from competition to military to law enforcement, and many shooting instructions (including FBI). This was by far the best instruction I’ve ever had!

Jim Clark, Dewey, AZ

All I can say is “it was much better than GUNSIGHT.”

Evan Burgess, Chino Valley, AZ

Passionate, incredibly erudite presentations, lots of drama and humor! You guys have put your hearts, souls, and brains into this class. BRAVO!!

Charles Fortmuller, Prescott AZ

I got exactly what I wanted, and more than I expected. I learned great techniques that improved my performance and self confidence when I shoot. I feel extremely prepared and confident with my new found knowledge.

Richard Buckley, Prescott Valley AZ

Matt Seibert’s CCW class is State of the Art ! With a strong psychological component. This is not just a job for Matt ; It’s a Passion.

Gary Travis, Prescott Valley AZ

The best PowerPoint presentation I’ve ever seen. I don’t see how the shooting instruction could be better. I came from an F to a B in accuracy in 16 hours, maybe even an A-!

William Neef, Prescott AZ

This program renewed my interest in being a gun owner. I would recommend Matt’s course to anyone!

Charles Lyman, Prescott AZ

I especially appreciated the parts of the class that dealt with mind/body connection, focus becoming a reality, and shoot/no shoot decisions. It helped me take a look at my own feelings about what having and perhaps having to use my firearm, means to me.

Lana Ante, Prescott, AZ

Input from both a man and a woman is helpful. Good Team! Media was awesome!

David Cormey, Mavana, AZ

Matt’s instruction and presentation not only made the class a great value, his advice and instruction surely carry over into everyday life and will be an asset to interpersonal relationships. I have previously taken a CCW Class and INSIGHT”S instruction is far and away better than anything I’ve seen before.

William Hazelton, Prescott Valley, AZ

This was a fantastic class, not just in firearms handling and laws, but in life skills as well. You will learn things in this class that will improve the quality of the rest of your life. Great teaching techniques: fun and engaging!

Betsy Feinberg, Sedona, AZ

“The class was outstanding, instructors outstanding, and the presentation was outstanding. Everyone should take this class, no matter what level of training you have.

Gary Moore, Prescott Valley, AZ

This was my second renewal of my concealed carry permit and it was by far the best. I learned things that I never knew before. I am a past Attorney General of Arizona and past President of the National Rifle Association and Matt’s class was an outstanding class.

Robert K. Corbin, Prescott, AZ

I have 15 years teaching experience and Matt Seibert is at the top of my list of excellent teachers. His method of marksmanship instruction produces AMAZING results. Even novice shooters can reach an amazing level of accuracy in a very short time.

William R. Cowell, Prescott, AZ

This is the best firearms class I have ever attended. I have taken 5 Basic Pistol Classes and none compare with this one. I am an NRA Training Counselor and would recommend this class to anyone.

Lyman Cornelius, Corona, CA

Much better than the class at Gunsite!

Robert Wetterauer, Chino Valley, AZ

The mix of presenter knowledge and experience, combined with the most educational, impressive and just downright entertaining Power Point audio-visuals make this 16-hour session a total educational experience. In a word, outstanding. I’ve just retired from 25 years in the computer industry and can say with certainty that this presentation is absolutely superior!

Kirk O. Shepard, Prescott, AZ

From the standpoint of a teacher with 30 years experience, I feel that this class was not only highly informative but ENJOYABLE. Your use of humor was a real plus and you possess the ability to “fire-up” the class. I also enjoyed the “life lessons” – as well. Bravo!

Ed Doyle, Phoenix, AZ

A very incredible class. Great instruction, easy to understand. Thank you for making this class available.

Cecila Pemberton, Prescott, AZ

The Power Point helped me really visualize all information and put all important facts to memory!

Rowena Tank, Prescott, AZ

I have 4 college degrees BA, BSN, MPH, DPD – this was one of the best educational training experiences I have ever had. Matt’s ability to integrate theory into practice is excellent. My only regret is not having taken this class when I first started shooting.

Randall Phillips, Dewey, AZ

The class is great! Your Power Point presentation really grabbed everyone’s attention! You kept us aware and focused throughout the entire class and on the range! You did a great job preparing us! Thanks so much!

Sara Wise, Jupiter, FL

Matt’s in-depth presentation of gun laws and safety was exemplary.

Mitchell Gelber, Prescott, AZ

Great class! The law section was outstanding. Excellent presentations and charts. The marksmanship and combat portions were over-the -top! The philosophy and state-of-mind sections were terrific for gun and ammo management. Lot’s of shooting!

Greg Dixon, Poway, CA

I’ve been busting-caps for 5 years – but I learned how to shoot in Matt’s Class!

Charles M. Clifton, Prescott, AZ

As a former Police Officer, I have attended many training classes! As far as the CCW Classes that I have attended, this was by far the very best ! ! And much more meaningful and enlightening than many academy classes

Peter J. Wurts, Prescott, AZ

Thought the class was excellent! This is my 3rd class, and it was far and away head and shoulders above the others.

Robert Painter, Prescott, AZ

Unbelievable! The confidence, the accuracy – what a great achievement! – Smart training – So efficient – Great trainers! So much fun – So exciting – Sharp shooting – Range maggot here I come!

Donna Schmidt, Prescott, AZ

Thoroughly enjoyed class. Attended North Central Texas Police Academy in Abilene Texas, 1980. Believe I have learned more in 16 hours of your class, than the many hours in the academy.

Richard A. Wynne, Prescott, AZ

I have taken other classes and feel that your presentation and training is far superior.

David C. Frechette, Prescott, AZ

Matt’s class was creatively presented. His knowledge and teaching skills are incredible. I came away from this class a qualified gun carrier.

Richard Nelson, Prescott, AZ

This has been one of the best experiences that I have ever encountered. After this class with Matt Seibert, I feel competent enough to defend myself with a firearm. If you need instruction for a CCW or want to learn firearms safety, look no farther than Insight.

Dana T. Shell, Prescott, AZ

Best teacher I have ever had.

Joanne (Pepper) Laquerre, Prescott Valley, AZ

This is the second class that I have taken from Matt and Sherrie Seibert. Not only do they explain each phase of the class thoroughly, they are patient and will spend extra time and give individual attention to all who need it. They are encouraging but let you know what areas of improvement you can work on as well. Never is safety neglected which makes for an always secure environment. I thank them sincerely for their knowledge and sharing it with me!

Robin Aspin, Prescott, AZ

I believe I have gained a great deal of knowledge on presentation and draw that gives me more confidence in the real world.

Matt Tidball, Surprise, AZ

Well organized with valuable instructions, suggestions, and practice. Worth the time and money spent.

Carl Aspin, Prescott, AZ

Thanks Again!! I learned so much! Class prep and follow through streamlines instructor/student interaction. This class was comfortable allowing more focus. A definite 10!

Rich Poirier, Prescott Valley, AZ

Matt’s behind the scenes instruction was very good. The night shoot portion was a good learning experience.

Albin Betker, Sedona, AZ

I learned to draw from a holster and shoot with confidence of hitting my goal, as well as in darkness!

Nancy Landrum, Prescott Valley, AZ

This course was well structured, supervised and inclusive.

Roger Neff, Prescott Valley, AZ

Well structured and disciplined class. Shooting skills, quick draw, accuracy, and safety increased greatly in minimum time. Would highly recommend this class for all CCW holders.

Henry Bryant, Prescott, AZ

As a result of Matt’s class I will be concentrating on un-learning some of my long engrained bad habits.

Paul Dunn, Sedona, AZ

Of the two classes I have taken from Matt, both have proved to me that he can build confidence in anyone, including a pessimist like me.

Robert Harris, Sedona, AZ

In biblical terms , “we need to walk with our coat of armor on to fight with strength.” You have given me the faith in handling my weapon so that I can put on the coat of armor in the security of knowledge. Very fun class.! Thank you and your wife Sherrie for working “two as one” in bringing this opportunity to us all.

Shirley McCloud, World Traveler

Learned that I need to practice a lot or not carry, which is a positive development!

Robert Harris, Sedona AZ

Great Class ! Should be taken by anyone wanting to improve their shooting skills.

Jim Tift, Prescott AZ

Very good and useful course!

Roger Neff, Prescott Valley AZ

One of the best classes I have taken in any subject. Applicable in many other areas. Dramatic improvement in my marksmanship. Shot better with my weak hand than I have shot with my strong hand.

Andrew Hein, Prescott Valley, AZ

This was an interesting course and I believe it will be a very useful tool in developing my skills.

Roger Neff, Prescott Valley, AZ

This is the most important advanced class, which should be taken as soon as possible after the CCW class. All other advanced classes will be better appreciated after this.

Robert Harris, Sedona, AZ

Genuinely helpful techniques that can be used afterwards for continual improvements.

Jim Hankins, Sedona, AZ

This class removes the stress in a hazardous situation, thus allowing you to handle any situation in a more effective way. result…You Win. This class is a 10+.

Joe Bourdon, Prescott, AZ

I recently took Matt’s Mental Dynamics course. Matt gave me the tools to bring my groups from good to groups under one inch. I was even able to shoot into one hole. I highly recommend this course to others.

Jay Dolina, Prescott Valley, AZ

Learn the view of yourself that is positive. Use it in every aspect of your life.

Jeanne (Sweet-Pea), Prescott, AZ

Keeps your heart pumping!

John Landrum, Prescott Valley, AZ

This was Great Big Fun! I learned a lot as well, regarding tactical knowledge. Thank You!

Steven Luce, Dewey, AZ

Interesting and enjoyable.

Roger Neff, Prescott Valley, AZ

This will be a great asset in the event that I may have to use this training.

Joe Bourdon, Prescott, AZ

Took the Defensive Pistol yesterday and did not think today would add to much. However, today with tactical training I not only reinforced yesterday but became more confident.

Robert Harris, Sedona, AZ

Extremely intense and extremely educational.

Paul Dunn, Sedona, AZ

30 Action Packed Hours Outstanding course materials, always entertaining and informative. Matt is a Master Instructor!

Jim Hankins, Sedona, AZ

This class really helped me to diagnose students and help them shoot to their potential.

Jay Dolina, Prescott Valley, AZ

This class was EXCELLENT ! This was the most educational firearms/safety course I have ever taken. The power point and other medias utilized were very helpful. Also liked the way you had every student/instructor involved. It really made the information make sense and kept my attention.

Steven Luce, Dewey, AZ

Excellent information, is applicable to many areas of life. Matt should consider the teaching of other groups of persons than just the shooting world.

Allen Hedgepeth, Paulden

Matt made this training fun, safe, and enjoyable. I’ve been shooting for over 40 years and this class taught me a new way to shoot !

Joe Bourdon, Prescott

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