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As you know, there is a big difference between shooting fast and accurately. Whether you shoot for recreation, sport, competition or self-defense, your ability to shoot fast and accurately will determine how successful you are.

Speed is important in our ability to be able to protect ourselves with a firearm.  It can make the difference between life and death.  Because of that, it’s important you have the skill to shoot fast while maintaining accuracy. For example, you might be confronted with one or more armed assailants.  If you can shoot accurately, that might not be enough. You need to be able to shoot fast and accurately.

Speed Shooting is a process of controlling specific visual motor skills and biomechanical movements to achieve precision accuracy with a firearm.  This program focuses on shooting a pistol and the application of these skills should be applied to long guns as well to produce peak performance.

I have been a professional firearms instructor for over 37 years and this Speed Shooting Homestudy Course produces the fastest and best accuracy I’ve ever seen!  This method is bullet proof!


Point Shooting   vs  The Sighted Shot
Perspective from the GREATS…


I was fortunate to have been General Manager of Gunsite Training Center back in 1995 which was founded by Jeff Cooper.  Colonel Cooper referred to “Point Shooting” and “Instinct Shooting” as “Unsighted Shooting”.  I remember when I first met Jeff Cooper .  Years earlier I’d seen a picture of him in a magazine in front of a crowd of hundreds people splitting a bullet on the edge of an ax blade and breaking two balloons. He was shooting a 1911 style .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol from the hip.  I’ll share with you how he was able to accomplish this feat as he described it to me.


I was also fortunate enough to have met Col. Rex Applegate back in 1995 and had the opportunity to pick his brain on the subject of Point Shooting.  He was a former American military officer who worked for the office of strategic services where he trained allied special forces personnel in close-quarters combat during World War II.  Applegate was said to be the source and inspiration for several of Ian Fleming’s characters in the James Bond novels. He was a famous gun writer and a big advocate of using Point Shooting in a combat situation.  You’ll learn why point shooting is man’s best friend in close quarter combat.


Bill Jordan, a former border patrol agent who wrote the book “No Second-Place Winner” used to do a lot of exhibition shooting using point shooting. He could hit an aspirin at 15 feet from the hip with unbelievable consistency. I was fortunate enough to meet and learn his secrets to shooting fast and accurately before he passed away and I’ll divulge the secret he told me was the key to his success.


I also had the privilege of learning from the legendary point shooting instructor Jim Gregg when I attended his course: “The Gregg Method of Point Shooting”.  He felt that when time and light are not available; Point Shooting is the tool of choice. Jim Gregg was ahead of his time and you’ll learn what made his method of fire control so powerful.

We’ve taken the secrets of the “BEST” and combined them into a new powerful methodology. With Insight’s Speed Shooting methodology “Point Shooting” becomes the very first step to the “Sighted” shot and we’ve created a process blending the 2 disciplines into a scientific process that yields unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Discover the Proven Secret to Speed & Accuracy:  You will be able to shoot 5 shots in under 1.5 seconds and still keep consistent one hole groups at gun fighting distances.

SPEED POINT SHOOTING Home Study Course Only… $497.00

Take Control of Your Accuracy and Your Speed

Discover why law enforcement only hits 15% of the time on the street.  You learn the secrets to controlling your mind.  It’s the mind that controls the body, the body controls the gun, and the gun controls were the bullet’s impact.  The secret lies in your mind and we will give you the key to unlock your potential to shoot faster and more accurately.

Control “Performance Anxiety and Information Overload”

No more feeling pressured under the gun (no pun intended).  You’ll have the confidence to make fast and accurate shots every time.  Just as importantly, you’ll have fun and you will be inspired to shoot and practice even more as you refine your edge.

Save Time & Ammo – and Lots of It !

So many people go out and spend hours in practice and get ankle-deep in brass and never improve their speed or accuracy.  That’s because they’re continuing to reinforce the same bad habits over and over again.  It’s perfect practice that yields perfect results.  We will show you how to practice perfectly so you can consistently achieve precision accuracy, while shooting faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Take the “Gold” in Our Proven Speed Shooting Process

In this Speed Shooting Homestudy Course you will learn the secrets of unsighted shooting (Often Referred to as Point Shooting or Instinct Shooting) used by exhibition shooters of the past and you be able to apply them to the sighted shot to create a journey to mastery.

What makes the process so powerful ?

Here’s how it works…

Most shooters are taught to shoot utilizing the traditional methods of marksmanship which yield mediocre results for most people.  Most people think they’re doing good if they can keep 5 shots inside of a 9 inch pie plate.( i.e. Center Mass.)  Center Mass programs the brain to shoot somewhere between neck to groin and shoulder to shoulder.  By comparison, all of our students at Insight Firearms Training Development using this powerful new methodology can shoot one hole groups.  (5 shots, 5 shots touch)

Also, the average shooter takes 4 to 10 seconds to shoot what they consider to be an accurate shot.  Once you understand several basic principles of the human visual system and its effects on  biomechanics, you can immediately eliminate inefficiencies and increase speed while improving your accuracy.  This results in the student being able to shoot 5 consecutive shots keeping a quarter size group in under 1.5 seconds.  Sounds impossible; It’s Guaranteed!

Eye Dominance

Most firearms instructors believe you are either right eyed or left eyed dominant.  This is the farthest thing from the truth.  We’ve done extensive research on eye dominance.  Eye dominance is important because it establishes the sighting plane.  The sighting plane is the relationship of the pupil of the dominant eye, to the gun, to the target.  Unknown to most people, 80% of the population’s eye dominance is unstable and causes inaccuracy in shooting.  We will demonstrate the important role eye dominance plays in the shooting process and how to determine and stabilize your eye dominance to maximize your accuracy.

The Visual Syntax

Most people shoot using their peripheral vision or a sequence of saccadic movements (jumps from one target to another).  You will discover the proper visual syntax for shooting faster and more accurately.


Muscles work through tension and release cycles. ( i.e. Contraction and Relaxation).  It is important to properly balance muscle groups to create the pyramidal pathways (muscle memory) to refine and sculpt motor movement so the shooter can achieve precision accuracy.  This plays an important role in your presentation (the draw) and with your trigger compression so you don’t disturb the alignment of the gun to the target.  You’ll learn how to balance muscle groups so all your shots all go through the same hole.

Creating the Cybernetic Loop

Have you ever noticed when you think and try to shoot, your accuracy will generally falter. The timing of the tension release cycles must be programmed to your unconscious mind.  You’ll learn how to create the visual kinesthetic loop required for shooting the unsighted shot which will become the 1st step to the sighted shot.



This AMAZING Homestudy Course will have you shooting faster and more accurately than you ever dreamed possible.  It will be up to you to refine the skills you learn in this course through perfect practice to create the cybernetic loop required for speed and accuracy.  Shooting will become a lot more fun and rewarding when you can demonstrate the kind of speed and accuracy that were traditionally reserved for the great exhibition shooters of the past.

Our goal is to help you shoot faster and more accurately. When you apply the principles taught in this course, shooting fast and accurately will become second nature.  It will give you the ability to shoot fast and accurately when you don’t have the luxury of time and light.  More importantly, it’s a way of programming the skill to the unconscious so the speed and accuracy becomes the map in your mind for your body to follow.  This way, peak performance is created automatically on demand when you need it the most.

SPEED POINT SHOOTING Home Study Course… Only $497.00

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