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Discover The Power of Power Point!

Liability Protection for you as the Instructor is critical. The consistent use of a uniform program adds an additional layer of liability protection. It assures that the material is covered the same way every time and the Instructor Note pages included with the program provide you with concrete references that you can show to anyone who might question what was covered. This allows you to consistently validate exactly what was taught in your training.


  • Arming yourself with a Powerful Presentation Tool is one of the best investments you can make as an educator.
  • When simply using chalkboards, flip charts and posters you’re at risk of appearing boring and out of date.
  • Instead, Energize Your Presentations with Insight’s PowerPoint programs.
  • Power Point can Strengthen Your Ability to Influence Others, help you Increase Your Teaching Effectiveness and Boost your Career in Firearms Training.
  • Insight’s TV-style Animated Programs utilize 3-D titles, beautiful templates, inspiring photo’s, colorful animations, entertaining sound effects, and sensational video clips that provide a sophisticated approach to teaching!
  • Every CCW Law Module Meets the Mandated Standards. The current Module is based off version 12.4.
  • Incredibly easy to use with the guidance of a Step by Step “Teaching Manual” we have included!
  • Every Module also includes a file for printing “Student Handouts”.

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On Purchasing Our Power Point Programs for Use in Your Training

For Basic, Advanced, CCW, Law Enforcement & Military Firearms & Marksmanship Training

Please scroll page and click on pictures or Hyper Links to view flash videos of each module! Use Teaching Manual hyperlinks to view sample pages of the Teaching Manuals. Click on Buy Now Button above to read our License Agreement. After agreeing to the terms you will be directed to the purchase page where you will find individual module pricing and complete CCW Package pricing. Additional Info available below Video

Each Video Best Viewed Full Screen

Opening SlideTeaching ManualWelcome your students with this beautiful slide and entertaining music. Set the mood for what’s to come ! This module will allow for custom LOGO changes made by you.

Orientation (13) slidesTeaching ManualEstablish your credibility and set the stage in any class for what is to come. Through the effects of (13) slides utilizing stunning visual effects and realistic synchronized sounds this orientation will create anticipation and lead your audience through what normally would be a boring and tedious task. Includes a guide for filling out the AZ CCW application and fingerprint card. This module will also allow for custom changes made by you, such as changing times, adding or deleting forms and applications, inserting your own LOGO and much more!

Safety (23) slidesTeaching ManualThese (23) Visually stunning power packed slides will capture your students interest and leave a remarkable impact on the importance of Safety. Teach the firearms rules for proper use, storage and cleaning. Includes a bonus segment on the reality of firearms and kids and how to change their paradigm.

AZ CCW Law 1 (45) slides
This Program has been Updated to Version 14.0
Teaching ManualPresent Part One of the laws and responsibilities of firearms ownership and use with an impressive and informative presentation utilizing (45) tantalizing and thought-provoking slides. Direct your audience’s attention to the key points of criminal and civil liabilities. Use them to inform, motivate, and shape the discretionary powers of your audience. These slides cover Law Interpretation, Castle Doctrine, Justification, Necessity of Defense, The 80/20 Rule, Advantages of a CCW, Criminal & Civil Charges, Protection of Property, Juveniles and Guns, Self Defense Limitations, Defense of another and Much More!

AZ CCW Law 2 (31) slidesThis Program has been Updated to Version 14.0Teaching ManualPresent the second half of laws and responsibilities of firearms ownership and use with an impressive and informative presentation utilizing (31) tantalizing and thought-provoking slides. Direct your audience’s attention to the key points of additional liabilities. Use these slides to inform, motivate, and continue to shape the discretionary powers of your audience. This section covers; Transporting, Special Crimes, Use of Force, The Aftermath, Contact with Law Enforcement, Reciprocity, additional CCW Requirements and Much More! Make an impact on your students responsibilities as a CCW Carrier and provide the necessary formula for protecting themselves from every element, ranging from the confrontation to criminal and civil liabilities.

Firearms Ammunition and Accessories (34) slidesTeaching ManualNow it’s easy for your audience to understand how firearms and ammunition work using (34) beautifully animated slides to demonstrate their nomenclature and function. Realistic animations, synchronized sounds, and professional photographs and images make this block of instruction a real winner. Firearms selection, ammunition performance, holster preferences, and alternative concealed carry options make this presentation fun and informative.

Combat Mind (19) slidesTeaching ManualNow you can present an impressive, motivating an insightful look at the combat mind utilizing the powerful slides contained in this presentation. Learn the real secret to accuracy.

Shoot Don’t Shoot (20) slidesTeaching ManualShape the discretionary power of judgmental shooting utilizing this thought-provoking animated (20) slide series. Your students will have to make shoot-don’t shoot decisions for separate scenarios. A training tool every CCW or Personal Protection Instructor should have.

Basic Marksmanship (31) slidesTeaching ManualGet your students off on the right foot with his introduction to marksmanship using (31) simple and easy to understand slides. Each slide is filled with animated illustrations to demonstrate the fundamentals that are the building blocks to your student’s success. This module exceeds the requirement for CCW courses and can also be used for various basic Marksmanship Training across the board.

Comprehensive Marksmanship“Teaching Manual”This incredible program together with a step-by-step “Teaching Manual” is the most comprehensive and insightful marksmanship presentation ever developed. No longer will your students walk out onto the range without a clear understanding of how to make a precision shot. Using animations, photographs, and video clips, your students will be motivated and excited to apply the skills learned In Comprehensive

Advanced Marksmanship (80) slides“Teaching Manual”If you’re aiming for the most powerful marksmanship presentation ever designed for training instructors look no further. This instructor level program provides essential information on biomechanics, neuro-psychology and peak performance training techniques for achieving precision accuracy with a pistol.(BONUS: You’ll also receive the Basic Pistol Marksmanship and the Comprehensive Marksmanship PowerPoint modules and Training Manuals to complement the marksmanship trilogy.)Every instructor should have all the tools and techniques in these dynamic presentations in his arsenal.

Build A Marksmanship Program (83) slidesBuild your own customized Marksmanship Program by reviewing a compilation of the Basic, Comprehensive, and Advanced Programs slide by slide. Then select and purchase the slides you want in your program. We will build the module to meet your specifications. You will dazzle your audiences when you design your program around your teaching style using all the cool animations, sound effects, inspiring photos, and sensational video clips included in each slide.Take your training to the next level by building your own personalized Power Point Marksmanship Program

Range Safety (17) slidesTeaching ManualThis impressive and animated block of instruction with (17) colorful, professionally designed slides will influence your audience and provide them the with the necessary knowledge to safely conduct themselves on the shooting range, through the use of humor and demonstrations.

Closing (5) slidesTeaching ManualClose with (5) beautifully designed slides that leave your audience energized and ready to continue their journey into mastery. This module will also allow for your own custom changes or additions. Change Logos, Postage, Course offerings, and many other ideas.

Call Insight Directly for More Information
On Purchasing Our Power Point Programs for Use in Your Training


Their use of extremely well crafted Power Point slides, accompanied with handouts, made the transfer of information very effective and I must say allowed me to score 100 on the written test without any thought as to what the right answers were to the questions.  M.S.

Much to my amazement, the time just flew by with never a dull moment. Thanks to the fascinating Power Point presentation and the dynamic teaching techniques of both Matt and Sherrie, we all absorbed a huge amount of information and enjoyed it immensely. The strong emphasis they placed on safety was the string that tied it all together and made a tremendous impression on everyone in the class. I guarantee I’ll be returning to Insight for additional classes and instruction, and I’ll recommend their programs to others any chance I get. N. L.

I was a bit surprised and very delighted by the methodology used by INSIGHT; the use of visual aids, the pace of the program, the variety of instructors and the whole tenor of the sessions. I have a degree in education and I know good instruction when I see it. I have written and presented scores of training programs in industry for a variety of clients. And I have the capability of producing video motion pictures from concept to DVD. I know what it takes to make a program like this work. T. K.

Want or Need Custom Changes?
Insight can develop a specialized program to meet your specific needs.

Delivery Method
Due to the size of many of the modules these programs are not currently available for digital download.
They will be delivered via USPS on a USB Flash Drive.

System Requirements:

Microsoft XP or Vista – USB2 Recommended
Can also be utilized on Mac PC’s that are partitioned to use Microsoft XP or Vista
Power Point software not required – Programs run off a special viewer imbedded with program

With this product you receive the right to unlimited use.

Optional Updates may be made available for purchase and may include new product features and legal updates as they become available.

Use of this product is subject to acceptance of the Insight Firearms Training License Agreement which must be agreed to before final purchase.

Product features may be added, modified, or removed at any time during the service period as updates are made available.

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