Shoot Don’t Shoot-Extreme Simulation Training

In day 2 of the Speed Shooting course, INSIGHT’S Extreme Simulation Training course utilizes a multi-media, live-fire simulator to sculpt your decisions, zero-you-in, and offer alternatives to the use of deadly force. We create a course-of-fire like you have never seen and you will come face to face with real people and engage in real time dialogues that have the potential to escalate into threatening situations that may require you to make a Shoot / Don’t Shoot decision and escalate to the use of deadly force. Now you have the chance to experience all the action. This course is the most powerful firearms training course you will ever experience and the most important class you will ever take for self-defense.

Elements Include:

  • Develop the connection to your conscious mind to make “shoot / don’t shoot” judgments under stress
  • Learn avoidance techniques to prevent the use of deadly force
  • Learn effective verbal challenge skills
  • Shape discretion to assure you make the right decision
  • Experience live fire confrontational scrimmages

Special Requirements: (Deadly Accuracy Course is a Prerequisite)

  • Pistol
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Holster

Tuition: $1497.00


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