Private Lessons


For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Shooters

Every Class is Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs!

Basic Shooting Techniques

  • Safety on the Range and at Home
  • Don’t Buy, Until You Try
  • Shoot different types of Revolvers & Semi-Auto’s and see which one feels and shoots best for you.
  • Gain Complete Comfort & Confidence with Your Firearm
  • Learn the Correct Manipulation Skills for Firearm Handling
  • Proper Loading & Unloading Techniques
  • Learn the Secrets of Marksmanship Accuracy
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Trigger Control
  • Understanding How Your Visual Abilities Effect Performance
  • Eye Dominance & Focal Acuity
  • Discover the Missing-link to Proper Sight Alignment
  • Learn the Basics of Controlling Your Mind to Achieve Peak Performance

Advanced Shooting Techniques

  • Learn Defensive Shooting Skills
  • Learn how to Safely and Effectively Draw from a Holster
  • Learn the Secrets of Shooting Fast and Accurately

Arizona Firearm’s Laws that Impact You

  • AZ Laws Every Firearms Owner Needs to Know
  • For those that do not wish to get their CCW
  • CCW Law Up-dates for Anyone Renewing their CCW