Sherrie Seibert

Sherrie Seibert

Vice President/Instructor

Sherrie’s superlative communication skills are only surpassed by her ability to emulate the ideal model in her style of shooting for the female shooter. However, both male and female students will learn valuable techniques and personal protection strategies while enjoying her common sense, down-to-earth approach in teaching self-defense with a pistol. Sherrie has been teaching for 8 years. Her teaching experience includes teaching Beginner and Advanced Private Lessons, CCW classes, Insight Advanced Tactical classes, Advanced Pistol and Carbine for the US Air Force Military Special Op’s (Para Rescue), Advanced Law Enforcement Instructor Courses and classes for Yavapai College. Along with teaching she has co-written a number of Published Training Articles and is also instrumental in developing firearms training programs, including the program recently introduced into the state of Arizona for Firearms Safety in the public schools.

Current Certifications

Arizona Department of Public Safety Firearms Safety Training Instructor for Arizona’ s CCW Permit Unit

Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified Security Guard Firearms Instructor

Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearms Safety Instructor

National Rifle Association Basic Pistol Instructor

National Rifle Association Personal Protection Instructor

National Rifle Association Rifle Instructor

National Rifle Association Range Safety Officer

Sport Hypnosis Certification -Peak Performance Plus, LLC

Certified Hypnotherapist – Street Hypnosis


Live Conversational Hypnosis for Hypnotherapists Programme – Street Hypnosis

Advanced Covert Hypnosis Seminar – Street Hypnosis

Mind Bending Language Seminar – Street Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp – Street Hypnosis

Sport Hypnosis for Peak Performance

Florida CDA – Child Development Associates Degree

Insight Defensive Pistol

Insight Mental Dynamics

Insight Shoot / Don’t Shoot

Insight Reactive Shooting Course

Insight Night Fire

Insight Lady’s Personal Protection

Insight Combat Tactical

Insight Instinct Shooting

Insight Long Range Rifle

Insight Tactical Carbine

Insight Advanced Instructor Course


National Rifle Association