Matt Seibert

Matt Seibert

President/Lead Instructor

The Trainer of Trainers

Matt is one of the nations foremost authorities on peak performance training in the use of a pistol. He has over 30 years experience in training civilians, law enforcement and military. Matt specializes in training Firearms Instructors. He has trained instructors for the United States Counterterrorist Team, Delta Force. He’s one of the best !

What Makes Matt’s Class So Different ?

Matt’s passion about teaching is evident the minute the class begins. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, and superlative communication skills are only exceeded by his commitment to assure the success of each and every student. Matt uses a multimedia presentation that makes the material fun and easy to understand. His teaching style caters to the needs of the individual. He makes the class safe, informative and entertaining.

Current Certifications

Arizona Department of Public Safety Firearms Safety Training Instructor for Arizona’ s CCW Permit Unit

Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified Security Guard Firearms Instructor

Utah Department of Public Safety Concealed Firearms Safety Instructor

National Rifle Association Training Counselor

National Rifle Association Pistol Marksman Instructor

National Rifle Association Rifle Marksman Instructor

National Rifle Association Shotgun Instructor

National Rifle Association Personal Protection Instructor

National Rifle Association Home Firearms Responsibility Instructor

National Rifle Association Chief Range Safety Officer

Sport Hypnosis Certification – Peak Performance Plus, LLC

Previous Certifications

National Rifle Association Police Firearms Instructor

State of Michigan Certified Police Officer

Specialized Training

FBI Firearms Instructor Training Program

Bill Roger’s School of Advanced Weapons Craft

Jim Gregg’s Unsighted Method of Combat Shooting for Law Enforcement

Smith & Wesson Academy and has graduated from their Instructors Program

National Rifle Association’s Range Development Program

Specialized training in The Use of Deadly Force

FBI Hostage Negotiation Program

Specialized training in Handling Unruly and Violent Subjects

Terrorism Institute-Specialized in Police Counter Measures for Domestic and Transnational Terrorism

Specialized training in Interview and Interrogation Techniques

Trained in Basic Arson Detection

Specialized training in Precision Driving Techniques

National Shooting Coaches Conference and Sports Research Symposium at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Specialized training in the Handling of Dangerous and Disruptive Persons

Specialized training by Smith & Wesson on Chemical Agents and their Tactical Use

Training in Officer Survival and Field Tactics

Specialized training as a Police K-9 Officer

Specialized training in Equestrian Riding Techniques for the Mounted Police

Equestrian Training for Crowd Control

Training in American Sign Language

Specialized training in self-defense and has earned his First Degree Black Belt

Specialized training in Kali (Use of Martial Arts Weapons) under the instruction of Dan Inosanto

Sport Hypnosis for Peak Performance


Providing Advanced Pistol and Carbine training to the US Air Force Special Op’s ; PARA RESCUE, Davis – Monthan.

General Manager and an instructor for Gunsite Training Center; Paulden, Arizona

Designed and developed a “Power Point ” program for the State of Arizona to teach Arizona’s Concealed Weapons Program

Instructor at the Macomb County Police Academy in Macomb County, Michigan

Taught at the Macomb County Community College for Advanced Law Enforcement

Matt wrote the very first mandatory firearms program for concealed weapons applicants in the U.S.

Received notoriety for his teaching techniques on an HBO Special Series

Matt’s marksmanship skills have achieved him the ranking of Distinguished Expert

Appointed by his Department as a Police K-9 Training Officer

Instructor and Training Officer for the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department in Michigan

Member of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Mounted Division

Received many Certificates of Appreciation by Police Departments for his contributions in the field of training

In 1984 one of Matt’s students, coached by Matt went on to become a National Champion and placed in the #1 position on the U.S. Pistol Team

While as an instructor for the Macomb County Police Academy, they recorded one of the highest scores that had ever been achieved in the history of the state for a graduating academy class

Set a national record when training EDS Security in Detroit, Michigan

Matt has had numerous appearances as a guest on TV and Radio

Matt was the first pioneer in splatter-free and ricochet-free, self-sealing reactive targets, for which he was awarded two U.S. patents

Matt has trained not only police departments, but also members of federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Secret Service

Matt has trained Military Special Forces, including Para Rescue, Navy Seals, and Delta Force, which is the U.S. government’s counter-terrorist team. Delta Force has adopted his training methodology as the methodology of choice by their training cadre.

Matt is often asked to be a presenter of this new teaching technology at training conferences and seminars throughout the U.S.

Education and Business Seminars

B.A., Communications with Sociology and Psychology minors

Graduated from the Dale Carnegie Management Seminar

Training: Hypno-therapist specializing in the diagnosis of behavioral problems and behavioral modification

Specialized training in Time Management

Training in Understanding Today’s Computers

Training in the Introduction To The IBM-PC

Specialized training in Supervision

Specialized training in Computer-Generated Psychological and Evaluation Testing

Trained in specialized techniques in the use of Memory and Concentration

Training in Employment Practices of Hiring & Firing

Training in Pricing For Profit: Strategies & Tactics

Training in Accounting Principals

Training in Financial Analysis & Cash Flow

Training in Parts & Inventory Management

Specialized training in Customer Service

Training by Gateway Computers in the use of :

Microsoft’s Power Point Fundamental
Power Point Advanced Techniques
Digital Music
Digital Movies
Supervising Off Site Employees



International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers

National Rifle Association


National Academy of Sports Vision

National Academy of Strength and Conditioning for Professional Athletes