AZ School Gun Program

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Insight Provides Training for North Point Expeditionary School

North Point Is the First Arizona School to Successfully Complete the Fully Credited “Arizona School Gun Safety Program”
May 10th – May 24th, 2010


North Point Students Share Their Experience and Perspective from
The AZ Gun Safety Program For Schools
Video Part 3

Join Insight in Supporting Our Second Amendment Rights!

North Point Expeditionary Learning Academy located in Prescott, AZ became the first Arizona School to Promote and Hold the first successful 90 hour Elective-Credit Course, The Arizona School Gun Safety Program.  Please see below for more information on this awesome program and the training outline.

Our Sincerest Gratitude to all those who Sponsored and made Donations or Contributed to the Success of the Program; Insight Firearms Instructors: Matt & Sherrie Seibert/Mike Feinberg/Wayne Padilla and assistants Sean Richey & Jerry, High Noon Indoor Shooting Parlour, Prescott Trap and Skeet: SCTP Coach George Espenhain and assistants Gene Csicsak & Harry Hufford, Bucky O’neill Guns, and Ruger.

Firearms Safety Training is a Key Element in Supporting our Second Amendment Rights. Support us in protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights by Education and Promoting Safe and Early Firearms Exposure to Our Youth.

We Urge You to help us Promote This Valuable Training in Our Public Schools!

Please Contact your Local School Board Representatives
to Request this Program be Included in Your Child’s Elective Course Offerings!

Arizona Gun Safety Program Course Outline

Special recognition for assistance with the development of this program goes to:

Sponsor : Senator Karen Johnson
Matt and Sherrie Seibert: Insight Firearms Training
Ed Huntsman:  AZ Game and Fish
Alan Korwin, Michael Feinberg, Dave Daughtry, Steve Andros, Jim Taylor, and Jane Cheek

Please Contact Insight for Additional Information on Getting this Program into Your School!

Contact Arizona Game & Fish for Instructor Certification Requirements to Teach this Program