Amazing Trigger Compression

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THE MAGIC OF BIG PUTTY A Guide to Amazing Trigger Compression By: Matt and Sherrie Seibert Big Putty is a lot like Silly Putty but you get twice as much putty for your buck.  Before we discover the Magic of Big Putty, let’s explore the basics and take a cutting-edge approach to applying trigger compression. THE BASICS OF TRIGGER COMPRESSION …

Insight Firearms Training – Covert Teaching Techniques

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Covert Teaching Techniques for Firearms Training Instructors By: Matt & Sherrie Seibert One thing I’ve learned about Firearms Training instructors is that they have a very special quality. They are on a constant journey seeking new insights into how they can better help their students Learn and Shoot More Accurately. Just as importantly they are always looking for new techniques …

Insight Firearms Training-Permits Not Required to Carry Concealed-July 29, 2010

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Paula Rhoden Reporter for the Daily Courier Audits Insight Firearms Training Development’s CCW Course and Reports on the Change in the Arizona CCW Permit Requirement View Prescott Courier Article Here

Insight Firearms Training-Insight To The Front Sight-The “GIP”

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Insight To The Front Sight the “GIP” By Matt Seibert & Sherrie Seibert Insight Firearms Training Development Insight Firearms Training Development Describes What the Gip is and How to Use it. As Published in The Firearms Instructor – Issue 48 IALEFI-International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors If you feel it is important for your students to see their front …

USAF Pararescue & Kilo Sierra, LLC President

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Your course on Mental Dynamics is something that every USAF Pararescueman or any Tactical Operator for that matter, should have as a mandatory requirement prior to graduating their apprentice course. The information in your course is excellent of course, but I have to make mention of the obvious expertise, professionalism and teaching abilities of you and Sherrie in unison. I …

Insight Firearms Training Teaches the AZ School Gun Program

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Insight Firearms Training Development and Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy (NELA) become the first in state to successfully complete the first implementation of the AZ School Gun Program (90 Hour High School Elective Credit Course) View The Daily Courier Article and Video Here!

Insight Firearms Training-The Magic Pill

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Insight Firearms Training The Magic Pill: Shoot, Don’t Shoot Decisions Made Easy As Published in Concealed Carry Magazine April 2009 by: Matt Seibert and Sherrie Seibert Insight Firearms Training Development Insight Firearms Training is proud to have had this Article on CCW Concealed Carry Published in the Concealed carry Magazine. The Shoot, Don’t Shoot question is one of the core …

Jan Wright-Chief of Police-Hamburg PD

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Law Enforcement Instructor Course Rockland, NY  Training As the Chief of Police of the Hamburg Police Department in New Jersey I could not recommended this program enough. As a firearms instructor I learned more in five days than I have learned since I became an instructor in 1995. I am shooting and instructing at levels that I could only dream …