Insight Firearms Training

Insight Firearms Training

Gun Training : Self Defense : Training for Law Enforcement : CCW Permits

Mission Statement

INSIGHT was created by Matt Seibert and Sherrie Seibert to expand and enhance your life, not just through your shooting abilities but also through “your ability” to control your mind and your emotions

INSIGHT offers up to date “Certified” Training in the Firearms Industry. We offer an assortment of Firearms Training Classes for all levels of mastery, ranging from CCW(Carry of Concealed Weapon) and Advanced Defensive Pistol Classes to Instructor Development, and Instructor / Train the Trainer programs. We teach in the Civilian Market as well as Law Enforcement and Military!

You are cordially invited to step in and browse our site to achieve a better understanding of who we are and what INSIGHT can bring into your life. Please visit our Testimonial Page to read what others are saying about INSIGHT.

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